The Machine

Relocation, Fabrication, & Service

People contact us for our muscle, mind, and maintenance.

MUSCLE: We're industrial contractors and machine movers. To be a bit immodest, we have a gift: Moving the largest industrial machines on planet earth — up to 400 TONS! From point A to Point B. (and C and D) We move your equipment safely, confidently and never break a sweat. So, to be perfectly clear; We're not just another pretty face; LPW-I has the muscle that moves you.

MIND: We offer amazing, skilled fabrication service that can develop your machine concepts just as you envisioned them. Show us your ideas. We'll make them a reality.

Rely on us for any size moving job; from a one-station drill press to the biggest, baddest metal monster on your floor. Whether we're building equipment to your specs, or transporting 50 machines across the country, for set up, we're continually trained to make speed and safety equal priorities.

MAINTENANCE: Your continued success is our foremost consideration. So, maintaining your equipment is our priority. We offer on-site monthly maintenance programs for efficient, uninterrupted performance. Welcome to the home of the Machine Movers – LPW-I.

Projects — we move the largest equipment on earth.

Industrial contractors specializing in industrial machinery installation, laser leveling and alignment, and machine relocation and repair.

With our specially designed tools and equipment allowing us to work safely, in the process of moving and handling heavy equipment and machinery.

Stamping press was moved. 80,000 lbs. A difficult move very tall and top-heavy. Awkward? Cumbersome? Indeed it would be for an average equipment handlers. We moved it 4 hours on the clock.


Versalift and triple lift move 70 injection mold machines 135 truckloads of equipment moved at Sterilite. Brand new and shipped from Austria the dock in davenport. LPW-I and set up. Operational Davenport. (This required a trip to Massachusetts to determine every need.) Winters stpr,s C customs red tape and the global proportions of international commerce required in common flexibility that is an LPW-I trademark.


Bowe machine (metal scrapping rotor.) 130,000 in motion by LPW-I. 6 hours it was a wrap.


Safety — the most important aspect of our business.

It's true that we're a high-performance company. Sometimes that reduces the emphasis on safety. But our superior safety performance history puts LPW-I in an elite category.

With a worker's comp modifier rate of an amazing .77 — You could say LPW-I is definitely a safe call. We're not "blowing smoke" here .77 is rarefied air. Learn More


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