Bridge Crane Installation & Repair

Also called an overhead bridge crane that runs on elevated beams suspended overhead. New facilities trust us to get it right the first time.

Because accuracy is not an option. Replacing, inspecting and repairing bridge cranes isn’t for amateurs.

Whether your facility is new or long established, trust LPW-I to measure up on the installation and repair of any bridge crane. We take pride in first-time accuracy that puts your equipment back on the clock sooner rather than later. That means more money to your bottom line and less on set up or downtime.

Some facilities have attempted replacing, inspecting and repairing their bridge cranes only to discover that it is a complex undertaking requiring highly skilled technicians. It’s really not for amateurs. Relax. We have 25 years of experience in bridge crane installation and repair. We welcome even the most challenging situations. Contact us today!