The action or process of manufacturing or inventing something.  When you’ve then developed the concept of a new breed of dedicated equipment for your specific industrial application, who can you trust with your concept? It requires discernment, insight and experience

At LPW-I good designs from our customers frequently result in a new breed of advanced working piece of equipment. Put your ideas into the right hands. LPW-I

With our vast array of sophisticated in-house tools, we can manufacture practically anything you can think of. We can cover your needs for in-house tools, equipment and welders. 

  • Stainless steel with food grade tolerances. This requires artistic skills that can assure the new equipment will survive your real-world expectations. 
  • Say your engine needs to be super power cleaned. You might pressure wash it and take your chances. OR have LPW-I fabricate a cleaning tank custom made for your specific cleaning needs right there on your floor.
  • Imagine a new gigantic machine installation. So big you need a platform to get to all the components for ongoing maintenance. But the manufacturer doesn’t provide anything sensible. LPW-I can fabricate the equipment you need.

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