Lifting while using a system of ropes, cables or chains employed to support a piece of equipment’s movements. LPW-I is your UBC Certified source for rigging. This is the latest response to the high demand for rigging services and LPW-I.

We offer specialized rigging equipment

  • VersaLift – 25/35 and 60/80
  • Triple-Lift: Custom equipment with 120,00 capacity. This a custom mobile crane, gantry and forklift. LPW-I’s exclusive design.
  • Fork Trucks? We have all of your rigging needs, from 1,500-120,000 lbs. lifting capacity. We’ll provide the specific vehicle for your specific need.
  • Consultation: When you’ve got to move it, but you’re not sure of the best method, LPW-I’s Lift Squad will sort it out for you. 

Rigging? We are the Quick Draw Riggers. Contact us today!