People contact us for our muscle, mind, and maintenance.

MUSCLE: We're industrial contractors and machine movers. To be a bit immodest, we have a gift: Moving the largest industrial machines on planet earth — up to 400 TONS! From point A to Point B. (and C and D) We move your equipment safely, confidently and never break a sweat. So, to be perfectly clear; We're not just another pretty face; LPW-I has the muscle that moves you.

MIND: We offer amazing, skilled fabrication service that can develop your machine concepts just as you envisioned them. Show us your ideas. We'll make them a reality.

Rely on us for any size moving job; from a one-station drill press to the biggest, baddest metal monster on your floor. Whether we're building equipment to your specs, or transporting 50 machines across the country, for set up, we're continually trained to make speed and safety equal priorities.

MAINTENANCE: Your continued success is our foremost consideration. So, maintaining your equipment is our priority. We offer on-site monthly maintenance programs for efficient, uninterrupted performance. Welcome to the home of the Machine Movers – LPW-I.