Welcome to the L.P.W. -I, Inc. Web Site, where one call from you -- gets us Moving.

The new millennium. They talk about the changes it will trigger in philosophy, business, finance, and even entertainment. But we didn't wait. We've already surged into the 21st century technology with the finest laser systems available. That gives you installation, alignment and leveling accuracy within 1/1000 of an inch. We're ahead of our time -- that keeps you ahead of the pack.

People contact us for a reason. It's our muscle. We're responsible for some of the largest moving equipment on earth. We'll handle loads up to 400 tons with our in-house equipment and never even break a sweat. L.P.W.-I isn't just another pretty face, we're the muscles -- that gets you moving.

L.P.W.-I is a safe bet when it comes to the big jobs. We emphasize safety in our training and in the equipment we design and buy. That's why our worker's comp. modifier rate is an incredible .69. Hey, one point lower and we'd be doctors. Play it safe with L.P.W.-I.

They say the folks that call our numbers are the most intelligent people on the planet. Fascinating. We say it's true -- uh, what do you think?

We received a phone call from a customer in a rush. They needed a 110,000 lb. mill roll installed. "Can you do it L.P.W.-I ?" they asked. With mega-force equipment specially designed for monster assignments we gave 'em the answer they wanted to hear: "Would ohhh… 8 hours be fast enough for you?"

We'd like you to know that the amazing equipment we use to accomplish the super jobs is designed in-house; take our Triple Lift for example. It's a fork lift, a gantry, and a crane. Capacity? Sixty tons, capable of working with height restrictions as low as 12 feet! We know what you want, and we build the machinery that does it.

You're in a hurry-- right? That's why we handle every call as though the boss is on the line. Because after all -- when you call, it's true.

In the Old World, the true craftsmen passed their experience and skills on to their children. That's how things got better with every generation. We subscribe to that thinking. We're a family owned company in our 2nd generation in a highly technical field. We thought you'd like to know. We're more than just a business -- we're a growing tradition at L.P.W.-I.

Let's face it, every business has a little crisis now and then. If it involves moving machinery, don't panic. Call L.P.W.-I. Our staff is thoroughly competent, can interpret your situation, equipment, or plans, and make the modifications that lead to a successful move. We're the problem solvers.

Thirty-eight years and still going strong, L.P.W.-I owes its success to customers like you and to our strong working relationship with the trade unions. It has lead to better even more qualified basic training and the resolution of problems in reasonable, practical ways. If experience is the best teacher, you're in touch with a Ph.D.

What's on your mind? Do you need someone who'll work on a time and material basis? Someone who can handle budget figures with a not-to-exceed basis? What about a total turnkey project with a firm bid? If that is whats on your mind, you've got the right company.

L.P.W. -I, Inc. has many goals to strive for every day: safety, quality, dependability, time and cost efficiency, and loyalty.

Projects & Work We Do:

Our 100 plus years of experience is in machine repair, maintenance, relocation, and installation. This includes everything from a small single spindle drill to a massive multi-head machining complex. Our work includes all types of material handling equipment, repair, revisions, and installation.


Safety-- the most important aspect of our business. Our customers' facilities, equipment, and personnel are just as important as our employees and equipment. They deserve and receive professional treatment at all times. We work hard to have a good safety record.

Tools & Equipment:

Our years of experience give us the ability to have the proper tools and equipment in-house to satisfy your project needs--small or large, from two hours to infinity.

Rates & Conditions:

L.P.W.-I tries very hard to adapt to our customers needs. We will work on a time and material rate basis, on a budget figure with a not to exceed basis, or on a total turnkey project with a firm bid.

Experience, Capabilities, and Contacts:

We have the experience, capabilities, and contacts to meet all of your loading, unloading, and hauling needs.


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